Music Festival – EDC Las Vegas

This post was a hard one to type since it is really difficult to express how going to this music festival makes me feel. It’s a combination of feeling happy, free, young, excited, tired but wanting to explore more, and just all the feelings you could possibly experience while being happy! For those of you who don’t know what EDC stands for, it is “Electric Daisy Carnival”. Let me tell you that is exactly what it is, there are a TON of amazing DJ’s that come together and join thousands of headliners (you) under the electric sky for three unforgettable nights. There are fun carnival rides, lights (hence electric sky), amazing food, drinks, shows, and most importantly POSITIVE VIBES.

I have gone to EDC 3 times so far. My husband and I decided to celebrate and go to EDC for our honeymoon in 2016, then we went 2018 & 2019. What makes EDC so amazing is that EDC was created by an amazing founder who really takes in what headliners want/need and makes sure that EDC is as memorable as possible. EDC was first founded more than 20 years ago! For the year 2020 it will be celebrating 10 years in the Las Vegas Speedway! You might see videos and pictures that are posted about EDC but those just don’t do it justice. If EDM is music you like, then it is worth the money to at least go to one EDC in your lifetime!

My experience going to EDC the first time how I said it was done during my honeymoon in Vegas. We spent the week hanging out poolside and going to the clubs at night until Friday night came around and it was time to get ready and head to the festival. Since it was our first year we weren’t 100% sure where exactly we were suppose to be picked up to take a shuttle to the event. So let me break it down to you and give you some insight on what to expect if you are planning to go to EDC.

Download my EDC-Checklist to make sure you take all the essentials

Festival Tickets

This I feel is pretty self explanatory. Usually tickets go on sale around Septemberish and they give you the option to pay in full or set up on a layaway plan. We personally choose to do layaway because we know we will have it paid off by the time the event comes and we will not be in debt. There are different tiers in tickets and the sooner you purchase the cheaper they will be. To give you an idea of price, I would tell you to expect a total of around $400 or more for just General Admission (GA). If you are wanting VIP those go for about $600 or more a piece. As of this year 2019, Insomniac has come up with General Admission + (GA+) and this allows GA headliners to enter in the festival through a different and shorter line and gives access to bigger bathrooms with A/C. So there are definitely options depending on your budget. I truly have never done VIP therefore, I don’t know what all is included with it.

Purchasing your Hotel/Airbnb

If you are planning to stay inside of Vegas, you will need to book a hotel or Airbnb. Vegas can be very pricey and usually the best this is to get with a group of friends and split the cost of the hotel room or airbnb. As a fair warning, getting either a hotel or an airbnb will usually be more expensive during the dates for EDC. So your prices for either can range any where from $1,000 -$5,000 depending on how fancy spanshy you’re trying to get but I recommend getting this done soon after purchasing tickets.

Shuttle Tickets

Shuttle tickets are usually put on sale a few months after festival tickets have been released. You can also make layaway payments on these passes. EDC gives two option for shuttle passes, you have your STANDARD passes that start at $99 + tax (depending on the tier) and there are the PREMIUM passes that start at $199 + tax (depending on tier). The difference between the two is that Premium gives you A/C tents to wait for your shuttle, it also has designated times where you can sign up and have a spot secured, and give you treats every day. Standard pass gives you the opportunity to catch a shuttle anywhere from 6 PM – 11 PM. For an additional $5 with either pass you are able to get to a shuttle as early as 3 – 6 PM to attend the opening ceremony.


EDC introduced this wonderful concept to camp right outside of the speedway and allow for easy access to and from the festival. You have the option to either rent a tent or rent an RV from Thursday – Monday night. If renting a tent, you are given two options a tent that fits 2 people or a tent that fits 4, that is it. You have to register the names of everyone that will be in your tent. So there is no way of sneaking someone in. As for the RV you are allowed to bring an RV that sleeps a max of 8 people. Camping was introduced in 2018 and in 2019 EDC also allows for you to rent an RV from their website. They handle to delivery, set up, and clean up of the RV. But that all come with a price of $2,000 or more! (Yikes) This year we decided to rent an RV since we are a group of 5. The only down side was that since we did dry camping, we had no electricity. You are given the option to purchase power for an additional $300 or more for the 4 days. and you are able to purchase water as well for $80. We did get luck in the fact that we were parked close to the bathrooms and showers so walking was never an issue. Insomniac did a great job in keeping the bathroom/showers clean and making it a wonderful experience. Camping is a game changer, you can come in and out of the festival as many time as you want. You have a mini little carnival in the camp area and different vendors and activities going on! The price to camp is as followed. Desert Rose (2 people) comes with an inflatable mattress, A/C, and outlets to charge your phones. Desert Rose starts at $1,299 + taxes and is available to be places on layaway. The Moon Light tent sleeps 4 and comes with A/C and charging outlets. This is priced starting at $999 and is also available for layaway. Lastly, for an RV parking spot it is priced starting at $279 + tax and is also available for layaway. Now, I know you are probably thinking this is ridiculously expensive but you have keep in mind that these prices you can divide them per person making it more affordable. Visit a to see all that camping EDC has to offer!

This is EDC in a nut shell! I am telling you guys this is the ultimate bucket list item to do if you haven’t already! It is just full of amazing people, vibes, DJ’s, rides, and food! Three days sometimes feels like it is just not enough!! I have created an ultimate EDC checklist where you can have to make sure you have all the essentials needed! Pasquale has created such an amazing music festival and you guys really need to attend it! I was hesitant to go my first time and I am glad I did it!

I’ll see you all under the Electric Sky!! EDC 2020!

Jess M

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