Gas Buddy

Cheap gas is what we all want right? Well what if I told you that you could get up to $10 cents off per gallon every time you pumped? Pretty sweet I would say! Although, gas has lowered from previous years, it is summer time and this is when we all take family trips! As a mommy I am constantly looking for budget friendly alternatives.

I came across Gas Buddy in the fall of 2018 and I was pretty skeptical about it to say the least. It asked for my personal/bank information and with today’s scams I was very nervous. I talked it over with my husband and we decided to try it. We have not regretted this decision since!!!

The way it works is you set up an account with the Gas Buddy App and it will take down your information, as well as your vehicle information. The reason why it asks for your bank information is because it is linked to your bank account and acts like a debit card for gas. It will take a 5-7 business days to get the Gas Buddy card but it worth it I promise. Following that it allows for you to shop around and compare gas prices in the area that you are in through the app. Most of my Utah fam will know what a Maverik gas station is and how they have a similar program where you sign up for rewards and they take off 2 – 10 cents per gallon depending on your plan. The only down side to this is that you can only pump gas at a Maverik gas station. NOT WITH GAS BUDDY. This is why it is perfect for families/individuals that like to go on road trips and like to save some $$ while doing it!

Both my husband and I have signed up for Gas Buddy so we could each have a card that we just leave in our vehicles and be ready to have when needed. The other cool perk about Gas Buddy is that even if you have a rewards account for places such as Maverik, Macey, Smith’s, Sam’s, etc where you get discounted gas or cents off for purchases made, Gas Buddy will still take additional cents off per gallon! It’s a win-win situation if you ask me!!!

Within in the app they also offer giveaways for free gas, challenges to allow you to earn free gas, and you earn point as well. So don’t wait too long and download the Gas Buddy App today!! It is great and I promise you won’t regret having it!!! It keeps track of all the times you pump gas and you are able to see the lifetime savings right on the app! Here is my Code: EEM94JG when you sign up!

Jess M

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