Coconut Milk & It’s a 10 Miracle

Styling your hair and constantly changing my hair color is very stressful and damaging to my hair. It requires a lot of work to keep it healthy and how I mentioned in my previous post, looking like the end of a broom stick! These are the two hair products I live for that allows for my hair to keep that healthy shine!

Coconut Milk Hair Serum

This product is budget friendly and allows for you hair to look and smell amazing!! I use it right after washing my hair and I apply it just to my tips. It is very thick and oily therefore, you do not want to add it near the scalp. Unless oily scalps are your thing! 😉 I get constant compliments that my hair still looks very healthy after being bleached and that is because of the steps I take to care for my hair. If did not apply my oils my hair would be very dry and rough…..

Split ends are inevitable and will appear regardless of how well you manage to take care of your hair. That is why regular hair cuts are also very important to keep your hair healthy and looking like a million bucks! I’ll be honest I only cut my hair 1x every 3 months…

The Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Anti-breakage Serum comes in a 4 oz bottle and it lasts for ever. You just apply a small amount into your palm, rub you hands together, and run the product through your tips! You are able to purchase this in a 2 pack from amazon for about $15 for both, which is a steal!! How I said, this last a long time so you would be set!

It’s a 10 Miracle

I was introduced to this product from my sister and I can not get over how well it works!! It is a leave in conditioner, I use this after my showers as well and it not only repairs any damages in your hair it also works to detangle my hair!. This product has a wonderful smell as well. The bottle is dispensed as a spray and therefore, you just spray it all over your hair and brush through with a brush. It is not as oily as the Coconut Milk and therefore, I spray it everywhere without fearing I will be looking oily.

You can purchase it from Amazon as well or any beauty store. This one is a little more pricey and for a 4 oz bottle you are looking at about $14.

Depending on what your budget is, these two products work great to have your hair looking smooth, healthy, and smelling amazing!

Jess M.

Affiliation with Amazon, post does contain affiliation links.

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