A Gallon A Day Keeps the Bloating Away

I am sure you have constantly heard that you should drink a gallon a day. But why exactly should you? Now, I don’t want you to run off and chug a whole gallon! It does not work that way……TRUST ME. Too much water intake all of a sudden could actually be harmful to your body. You need to increase your water intake in a slowly but steady pace. You sure will be peeing every 30 mins but that’s Okay! I like to think of it as releasing all the nasty in my body!

A gallon of water is 128 oz. You can easily purchase a jug that is a gallon and carry it around every where with you. But that is just not cool. Have you ever noticed that there are NO cute designed gallon bottles/jugs? You can get the cutest water bottle with a nice design but with like 12-20 oz? No way! I am obsessed with water bottles (aside from office/stationary supplies) and I have a large container full of water bottles to prove it! ANYWAY! I have found these cute water bottles that are decent size and allows for less trips to fill up!

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Simple Modern 32 oz Summit Water Bottle

– You will only have to fill up 4 times to meet the gallon requirment
– They have a large selection of designs that you can choose from!
– It keeps your drinks cold or hot!

Simple Modern 64 oz Ascent Water Bottle

– This is by far my favorite size of water bottle! Refills = 2 times!
– Beautiful designs
– Keeps drinks cold or hot

Benefits of drinking a gallon:
  • More energy – Dehydration can cause a fatigue.
  • Less Acne – Acne becomes more clear the more hydration you consume!
  • Headaches, Gone! – Increasing your water intake reduces your chances of getting a headache!
  • Less Bloating – Because you are not consuming adequate amounts of water, your body tends to retain the little it can get!
  • Eating Less – When your dehydrated, your body commonly confuses it with hunger.
  • Increase of metabolism function
  • Better Concentration

I am no expert and any health related question should always be ran by your medical provider! Promoting a health lifestyle is my goal! So run out and get yourself one of these cute water bottles, drink your water, and get on track to a healthier life!!

Jess M

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